Welcome To
Blackcreek Beagles
Owned By Robbie Crossfield

Blackcreek Beagles is located in Little Rock,
Arkansas. We raise outstanding medium to upper
medium speed Blackcreek bred Beagles. Our
breeding goals is to produce hounds that run a
medium to upper medium speed with consistency.
Also with good kennel maners, excellant hunt,
stamina, line control, head down fast chop mouth,
close check work and out standing nose. Plus brains to
gear down when scenting is poor to keep the race
consistent. But most importantly Blackcreek Beagles
prides itself in producing a straight up the middle
Rabbit Dawg that will bring the game back to the gun.
Our breeding goes back to Black Ace , Nubbin ,
Backroads Buddy & Ban-Jo .    We currently have
eight Master Hunter (TCP FC) finished in AKC.     
You can reach me at home(501) 803-7123 cell (501)
554-3107 or e-mail me at